As we look around the Custom Alloy plant, we notice that the past is all around us. From the old exhaust fans in Building 10,to the rail tracks peeking out from beneath the blacktop, these little pieces of history are not hard to miss. We owe the former company that flourished behind these walls for these glimpses into the past. Union Ironworks was established on these grounds in December of 1742 by William Allen & Joseph Turner. The works consisted of a charcoal blast furnace and a preexisting forge. Robert Taylor, an Irish immigrant, became works manager in 1769 and purchased control in 1803. His grandson, Lewis H. Taylor, incorporated Taylor Iron Works in 1868, which would be reorganized again on 1891, to Taylor Iron & Steel Company. Then in 1912, after a merge with William Wharton Jr. & Co, Taylor Wharton was born.

This location was not chosen by chance. Why High Bridge you ask? The early 1700’s discovery of iron ore in the hills of High Bridge and large quantity of hardwood and water for power generation made it a perfect spot to establish roots and grow.Among the first products originally manufactured here were shoes for oxen, horses, mules and nails and farming equipment. Additionally, this location has made an impact on America’s history as well. During the Revolutionary War, it supplied General George Washington’s army with cannonballs, as well as armaments for the Civil, Spanish-American, and both World Wars. Imagine that!

Over forty years ago Adam F. Ambielli and John M. Ambielli began manufacturing pipe fittings. During the late 60’s and 70’s, Custom Alloy manufactured fittings sold primarily to distributors for inventory. While doing this Custom Alloy recognized the market demand and opportunity for time critical manufacturing. In the early 90’s, Custom Alloy chose to completely refocus the company to be the premier global provider of time critical manufacturing services. In 2005, Custom Alloy moved into the Forging industry applying the same business strategies to offer the forging industry time critical services.

Custom Alloy’s Global reputation has been to work closely with its customers, creating global solutions for time critical services.

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