Custom Alloy Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialty metals for seamless and welded pipe fittings & forgings, predominantly for customers requiring time-critical maintenance or repair. The Company’s expedited manufacturing and delivery capabilities allows Custom Alloy to focus on helping customers prevent or minimize costly down time related to emergency, planned maintenance, or project delays.

Custom Alloy is an industry innovator and leader. Management believes that it is the only manufacturer of seamless and welded pipe fittings & forgings focused on servicing the time-critical maintenance and repair market. The Company offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities for non-commodity and specialty piping products. Custom Alloy’s attention to quality standards and proven track record make them a trusted supplier of fittings and forgings utilized in highly demanding conditions such as high-pressure lines, corrosive environments, heat severity, and nuclear applications. Moreover, the Company’s service-oriented approach is truly unique in the manufacturing industry, and allows Custom Alloy to produce quality seamless and welded pipe fittings and forgings in weeks, days, or even hours. testing


  • Time Critical Deliveries
  • Fittings and Forgings manufactured in 140 different alloys
  • Seamless/welded fittings ½” – 48” O.D.
  • Thickness of ¼” – 6”
  • Forging up to 25 tons
  • Excellence in Power Generation and Pipeline Markets